Please Read Before Participating

The free SONA Mobile App is now available in the App Store for iPhones and iPads an d through the following link for Android phones and tablets:

Important Rules for Participants:

1) If you fail to show for a research appointment w ithout canceling more than 24 hours prior to the session, you will be logged as an unexcused no show. If you do this more than once in the semester, you will no longer be allowed to use the system or participate in experiments for the remainder of that semester. This may also occur if you are late to a scheduled appointment on more than one occasion in a semester.

2) For main campus courses: You will only be able to apply 35% of the total possible SONA credits toward any particular course using online studies. The rest must be face-to-face studies. This rule does n ot apply to online or regional courses.

3) In order to receive correct credit, you MUST link your SONA account to the course(s) in which you are enrolled. It is crucial that you select ONLY your course(s) and no others. In addition, please be certain you a re enrolled in the correct section.

End-of-Semester Deadlines for All Research Participation:

12/02/2016, 11:59 pm


Fall 2016 Mid-Semester: 10/17/16, 11:59 pm
Fall 2016 End Semester Article Review: 11/25/16, 11:59 pm
Fall 2016 End Semester Research: 12/02/16, 11:59 pm

FOR ALL STUDENTS: Researc hers have up to 48 hours after the deadline to award credits

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